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COLLIN COUNTY — Collin County Judge Chris Hill appointed David Bristol, among four other business executives, to the Collin County Business & Industry Advisory Council in January. The advisory council will provide direct feedback regarding any policies that could impact the business community.

“This gives the business community the ability to consult with county leadership on the continuous growth plans of Collin County,” said David Bristol. Bristol is the co-founder, president and CEO of Employee Solutions; one of the largest privately-held staffing companies in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma that employs over 3,000 people weekly.

According to the 2017 U.S. Census Bureau, Collin County has the sixth highest amount of domestic migration with 86,000 new residents in the last 5 years. A growth in population brings a growth in business, which has seen a 14% growth rate.

“Representing the business community through the Collin County Business & Industry Advisory Council will allow us to directly communicate with state and local leadership on policies that could impact businesses here in the county,” said Bristol.

This is the first business and industry advisory council established to promote direct communication between the business community and Collin County. The advisory council represents the ever-growing business community in the North Texas’ fastest growing county.

Businesses in Collin County can look forward to having a voice through the Collin County Business & Industry Advisory Council.

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Employee Solutions is one of the largest staffing companies in the region serving Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The company began in 1997 and focuses on customizing the recruiting, placement, and administrative management to the unique needs of individual clients. Employee Solutions is the expert at staffing and human resources, with nearly its entire staff possessing comprehensive Certified Staffing Professional or Professional in Human Resources designations. Employee Solutions offers medical, dental, vision, and 401k plans, as well as other benefits to employees that exceed what other staffing companies provide. This helps reduce employee turnover and assure clients of a dependable employee base. For more information about Employee Solutions, visit www.employeesolutions.com or call 214-420-8367.