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Recognition, while we don't focus on it, continues to follow us as our focus on YOU remains our number one priority!
Employee Solutions prides itself on its historical performance and delivery of world-class staffing solutions to clients all across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. As a consequence we have found that it is not hard to get noticed, often by some of the most respected organizations and publications. Here are just a few of the awards, rankings, and acknowledgements by these fine organizations.

2012 3,922nd

2013 1,283rd

2014 3,174th

2015 4,659th

2005 13th

2009 9th

2013 4th

2006 10th

2010 8th

2014 4th

2017 3rd

2007 12th

2011 7th

2015 3rd

2018 6th

2008 11th

2012 8th

2016 3rd

2013 76th

2014 91st

2015 87th

Awarded Best Employment Agency

Awarded Best Employment Agency

2012 17th

2013 20th

2013 59th

2013 22nd

2015 49th




Collin County Business Press’ CapitalOne Celebration of Enterprise Award


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