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Employee Benefits Program

Each of the following Employee Benefit Programs shall be construed in accordance with and governed by any and all company policies, practices, and procedures, including, without limitation any employee manual or handbook, as the same may be implemented or amended by Employee Solutions from time to time in its sole discretion.

Holiday Pay

Employee Solutions recognizes the following six (6) paid holidays per year:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • July 4th
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

To be eligible for a paid holiday, you must have accumulated 1500 hours of regular time within the preceding 12 months, and have worked 40 hours the week prior to the holiday and 32 hours or scheduled shift the week of the holiday.

Holiday pay is paid at the regular pay  and does not count towards overtime calculations. Employee Solutions only pays 8 hours of holiday pay. To claim holiday pay, submit your time card with “holiday” written in for the day you are claiming holiday pay.

You must be on the Employee Solutions payroll to collect holiday pay. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you will still be paid for the holiday hours regardless of what day the holiday is recognized. If you work on a holiday, you will receive both the hours worked and the 8 holiday hours.

An employee has two weeks from the holiday to notify Employee Solutions of any pay discrepancies.

TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED DUE TO THE PANDEMIC (with the exception of July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas). 



Vacation Bonus

Employee Solutions offers Vacation Bonus of $300. To be eligible for vacation pay, you must have accumulated 2250 hours of regular time. Additionally, you must wait 12 months from your last vacation paid out to apply for subsequent vacations. You must contact your staffing consultant to submit a vacation bonus request within 60 days of accumulating an appropriate number of hours; if not, your eligibility will be declined immediately, or, in accordance with state law. You must provide your staffing consultant with at least one week’s written notice to receive pay on the following check. Employee Solutions does not guarantee the right to take time off from any client location to complete vacation. You must be on the Employee Solutions payroll to collect vacation pay.



All Eligible Employees, (As defined in Section 2.01(q)) whom are age 21, and have 6 months of Eligibility Service shall be eligible to participate in the plan through Fidelity Investments.

Medical, Dental, Vision, Term-Life, Short-Term, Disability Prescription Benefits

Employee Solutions provides three insurance options to all employees; a limited benefits plan, a minimum essential coverage plan, and a minimum value plan. Employees are eligible for benefits from the first day of work. Details regarding the benefits can be acquired from any Employee Solutions branch office or by contacting our corporate office.

Employee Injury Benefit Plan

An Employee Injury Benefit Plan is provided in the event that you become injured during the course of your employment with Employee Solutions. Contact the Employee Solutions Director of Risk Management and Safety (972-741-3159) for information on this program, including eligibility requirements.

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