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Our commitment is to provide the best talent to meet the demands of our partner-clients in order to deliver the flexibility they need to compete globally.

Industrial / Administrative Services

Employee Solutions prides itself on building relationships that last.  Each customer we engage receives a unique and customized service that meets its needs and contributes towards maximizing efficiencies and processes.


Employee Solutions' strength has always been its unique client service delivery approach.  We attempt to fully engage every new customer in order to completely understand our clients’ exact needs.  Accordingly, we then customize our service systems to best suit each operation.  From designing alternate recruiting methods to employee placement and onboarding, or through our administrative management processes, all aspects are tailored in a way that best fits the hiring needs of each company.  This specialized approach permits our operation to become a strategic partner rather than merely just another vendor.

Additionally, our customized service promotes a true partnership, one that says our company is working with its customers toward a shared goal.  We understand that in order for Employee Solutions to be successful, our clients must succeed as well.


Our clients rely on us daily to recruit the best qualified candidates for their open positions.  In order for us to accomplish this, we utilize many traditional ways to reach our candidates.  We also recruit for skills needed by multiple clients which we regularly leverage in order to attract the best talent available.  Oftentimes, we will deploy alternative recruiting efforts to drive additional candidates to us.  However, we will regularly consult with our customer to make certain all our recruitment metrics are measuring up before we launch these programs.

Additionally, our Staffing Consultants are thoroughly trained to recruit the best possible candidates for all our clients. Each team member will examine all specific client requirements and use them as a guide to quickly and easily identify only the best qualified candidates.

Pre-Screening & Placement

Once our recruiting efforts begin, we will begin to bring in the best candidates for our clients.  Our teams will administer a set of pre-screening tests that allow us to quickly determine which individuals meet the selected criteria.  Candidates must also pass a criminal background check, a determination for eligibility to work in the United States, a physical qualifications assessment, and a 5- or 10-panel drug screen prior to being placed on any assignment.  Each test yields results in less than 5 minutes and gives us an advantage in rapidly placing the best qualified employeee much more quickly than our competitors.

After an applicant has successfully completed all required paperwork and pre-screening tests, our Staffing Consultant will determine which qualified associate matches exactly the client’s position requirements.  Several factors are taken into consideration which include matching all required skills, client work environment, candidate commute distances and work history, along with other client requests.

Administrative Management

After our candidate begins their assignment, we then take steps to ensure we are supporting our clients administratively in order to make the business relationship seamless.  For instance, when payroll is due, our team efficiently makes direct deposits and delivers to each employee their remittance slip by the end of the week.  Our goal is to make sure we engage every employee while on assignment, which helps maintain strong open lines of communication while reducing employee turnover.


Employee Benefits

We offer a full range of benefits to all our associates, because we believe that these are critical in retaining our employees, our most valued resource.  As a result, we maintain a dependable workforce by reducing turnover, which benefits our clients and makes them more efficient while saving money.  These competitive benefits include one week of vacation pay and six paid holidays (once an employee reaches a certain number of hours worked).   Additionally, we offer a medical benefit plan that our employees are eligible for from their first day on assignment and a company-matched 401k (eligible after 6-months of service).  As an added incentive, we also pay referral bonuses to our employees to help us attract top talent.

Client Loyalty

Our philosophy, "Great service at a fair price," has helped us earn and retain great clients that will remain with us as long-term partners. A brochure can only do so much to describe the great job we do.  We invite you to experience our service firsthand.  Call us today to begin experiencing service you deserve at a price that is fair!

On-Site Management

On-site staffing management of large, innovative, and flexible workforces is our number one strategic focus.  Since our inception in 1997, we have developed our highly customized staffing model for customers looking to gain operational efficiencies using state-of-the-art contingent labor management solutions. Below is a brief summary of our program highlights.

  • Our client-dedicated workforce solution operates autonomously, similar to having a stand-alone staffing office within your facility.  This allegiance reinforces that we do everything with your company’s goals as our only focus.  Further, our professionally-certified staff can quickly become an extension of your team and bring substantial HR expertise to partner with your HR professionals.
  • Every on-site program is uniquely designed.  We’ll customize our partnership to fit your needs, while leveraging best-of-class workforce strategies which permit you to compete locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Committed precision recruitment and advertising efforts are channeled daily towards your workforce needs, unlike the competition’s branch-supported program which is inherently conflicted by multiple clients’ demands.
  • By operating full-time at your facility, we synchronize with your leadership so that when your business responds to market demands, we’ll adjust workforce needs with production requirements.  

If you are interested in one of our customized workforce solutions, have a question about any of our staffing platforms, or just want to learn more about any of our talent acquisition programs call one of our Staffing Professionals today at (214) 420-8367.

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