The core values below are critical components of our success. Each core value is important both individually and as a group. Overall performance of each individual and the success of the group will be measured against these core values.


We must have the integrity to make the right choices on a daily basis. This integrity must be demonstrated through our actions, and not just our words. The integrity extends from us to our clients, co-workers, and employees


Our business is based on productivity. Each day we work should be planned and utilized to the fullest. Our clients and associates need us to be productive to help them with their needs. We have no business if we cannot help them extend their productivity.


Professionalism is the embodiment of the above three qualities, and more. Professionalism is the use of skills, competence, or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession. Internalizing the above values while continuing to educate and train yourself will enhance both your personal professionalism, as well as the image of our Company as professionals.


Loyalty is vital to the trust that develops between coworkers and employers. Loyalty must be both given and received from everyone in the organization. No one person is more important than the whole of our organization. Without each and every one of us, we have no business.

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