Restoring The True Meaning Of Memorial Day: Carry The Load


Employee Solutions, a leading provider of industrial custom staffing services, participated in the Dallas relay of the Carry The Load Memorial March on May 29.

Carry The Load is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 by former Navy SEAL and war veteran, Clint Bruce, in order to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day.  The walk originated right here in Dallas and has grown exponentially to a nationwide event, reaching thousands of people in each state.

“Carry The Load is an incredible event that reminds each of us of the sacrifices made daily for our freedom,” said David Bristol, CEO of Employee Solutions.  The national relay is a bi-coastal event during the month of May that leads up to the Memorial March in Dallas each year.

Several employees within Employee Solutions’ Dallas/Fort Worth offices helped kick off the event in downtown Dallas that lasted for 20 hours and 16 minutes.